ECNC-3100-4S CNC Rotate Circulating Cutting Machine


The dust-free cutting of any ideal geometric contour. It is suitable for automobile industry, furniture industry, packaging industry,construction industry, daily necessities and so on. Cutting material: Polyurethane, HR+CMHR, PU soft foam, sticky foam, latex, Basotect,compound foam, frame foam, polyethylene, erect cotton, fiber cotton, EVA.

● High efficiency and high degree of automation, it can meet the cutting requirements of some basic products

● Rotating working platform can rotate 90 degrees automatically

● Maximum cutting speed: depending on material , max cutting speed is 30m/mins

● Optional lifting and loading belt 2500mm-4500mm


Technical data at a glance
Block width(mm)2050
Block max height(mm)1250
Block max length (or customized)(mm)2050
Max cutting speed(m/min)Depending on material , max cutting speed is 30m/mins
Cutting precision(mm)±1
Total power (kw)10
Cutting blade size (mm)10530x3.6x0.65

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