Automatic ink Mark Printer


The equipment is stable and reliable, Anti-blocking design, not easy to block, reduce the number of ink extrusion; sprinkler multiple protection to avoid sprinkler shell surface scraping, rubbing, collision caused by sprinkler damage, to ensure a long time trouble-free operation, compared with other similar inkjet printer, the working reliability is greatly improved. Powerful and easy to operate, Completely away from computer editing, as convenient as mobile phone editing text messages.

Technical data at a glance:



Printing height (mm)


Printing height (mm)

20-100mm around (Depends on the printed information and the type of ink)

Printing lines

One 16 dot or two 7 dot

Number of print heads

A single controller can support up to two 16 dot print heads

Printing length

The maximum length of a single file is 800 dot

Printing speed(m/min)

54(Horizontal 200DPI)

Printing content

Date, time, picture, text, team, serial number

Printing direction

Lower printing, lateral printing, upper printing

Chinese font

Chinese font / Pinyin input

Operation interface

Color touch screen ,both English and Chinese

Message Storage

Up to 50 messages

Ink color

Black, red, yellow, blue, green, white, etc

Ink System

Continuous ink supply without external air source

Machine weight(KG)

17 (without ink)

Physical properties

Stainless steel controller

Power Supply

110 - 220 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Ambient humidity

10~95% non condensing

Ambient temperature( ℃ )


Communication function




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